Module description: China’s Economic Development

Name of Module

China’s Economic Development

Credit points

5 ECTS credits


Lecture (2 hours/week) and tutorial (1 hour/week): 5 ECTS


Stefan Wagner M.A.

Module Coordinator

Stefan Wagner M.A.


The course provides a comprehensive overview of the main past and present issues of the Chinese economy from a macroeconomic perspective through the following topics:

  1. Basic Facts & Economic History
  2. Administrative and Political System
  3. Socialist Period & Reform Approach (1949 – present)
  4. China’s Economic Growth – Past, Present and Future
  5. China and the World Economy
  6. Monetary System and Policy
  7. Financial System & Developments
  8. Financial System & Imbalances

The tutorials will be flexibly used for repetition, questions, preparation for the exam, discussions of current events in China, and critical discussions of (expert) opinions expressed in scientific publications, blogs, and other media.

Learning objectives and skills


  • acquire a sound understanding of the economic structure and the main factors driving economic growth in China.
  • learn to analyse the problems inherent to economic transition and encounter approaches to mitigate and to solve them.
  • develop skills to critically reflect on economic imbalances and unsustainable developments in the course of economic maturing.
  • apply the gained skills to elaborate on and to take part in a critical discussion about specific issues related to economic development in the course of the tutorial.


Basic macroeconomic knowledge and mathematical basics are recommended

Integration in curriculum

First semester (winter term)

Module compatibility

Regional, elective, or elective complementary module in: M.A. Development Economics and International Studies

Method of examination

Written exam (60 minutes)

Grading procedure

Written exam: 100%

Module frequency

Every winter semester

Resit examinations

Failed exams can be retaken twice


  • Attendance: 45 hours
  • Self-study: 105 hours


One semester

Teaching and examination


Recommended reading

  1. Barry Naughton (2007): The Chinese Economy. MIT Press
  2. Barry Naughton; Kellee S. Tsai (2015): State Capitalism, Institutional Adaptation, and the Chinese Miracle. Cambridge University Press.

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April 2017