Module description: Master Thesis

Name of Module

Master Thesis

Credit points

30 ECTS credits




Prof. Dr. Christine Binzel, Prof. Jürgen Kähler PhD, Prof. Dr. Matthias S. Fifka

Module Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Christine Binzel, Prof. Jürgen Kähler PhD, Prof. Dr. Matthias S. Fifka


Students write a thesis about a topic that they agree with their academic supervisors. Topics may cover any issue from development economics and international studies.

The topic should be related to one of the compulsory, regional, or elective modules.

Learning objectives and skills

Subject-specific skills:

  • Students apply theoretical models and acquire specialized and in-depth knowledge on a particular topic related to international economics, development economics, applied econometrics, international business ethics, or one of the regional or topics elective modules of the MA DEIS.
  • Students explain, apply, and reflect upon complex theories, terminology, specialities, boundaries, and different schools of thought related to their topic critically and in depth.
  • Students develop ideas and theories to explain economic phenomena related to their topic.
  • Students collect and review the related literature critically. They summarize the main findings of other authors in a conclusive way.

Methodological skills:

  • Students show that they can plan and implement stages of work in order to solve a problem in a new context or related to a new unfamiliar topic.
  • Students collect, prepare, and evaluate data related to their topic.
  • Students apply qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse the data. Thereby they apply the skills they gathered in the core modules.
  • Students critically evaluate the strengths, limitations, and applicability of different empirical methods.

Personal skills:

  • Students write complex, subject specific content clearly, effectively and based on scientific standards. Thereby they expands their skills learnt in the seminars.
  • Students plan their MA thesis independently and strengthen their ability to work autonomously in an academic context.



Integration in curriculum

Fourth semester

Module compatibility

Required module for: MA Development Economics and International Studies

Method of examination

Master thesis (50 -70 pages)

Grading procedure

Master thesis: 100%

Module frequency

Each term

Resit examinations

Can be retaken once


Self-study: 900 hours


One semester

Teaching and examination language


Recommended reading

Required readings are set on an individual basis.

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October 2015