Degree programs

The Institute offers for undergraduates a B.A. program in Economics and programs for teaching degrees in Economics for “Gymnasium” and “Realschule”. Those programs are studied in combination with a second subject, chosen for the Bachelor program from all bachelor programs at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Theology, chosen for the teaching degrees from the combinations allowed by the General Examination Regulations for teaching degrees (“Lehramtsprüfungsordnung I”). Moreover, the Institute operates the courses in Economics for the B.Sc. program in Mathematical economics.

The Institute of Economics offers the M.A. program “Development Economics and International Studies.” For prospective students, please visit our program website, which also provides information about the application procedure and Q&A, see here. For DEIS students, see here for further information.
The institute also participates in the M.A. program Middle Eastern Studies.

Courses in Economics or Business Administration may be chosen as compulsory optional subject or minor subjects in a number of programs. Moreover, some courses at the Institute are open as key skill courses within another Bachelor program or as elective modules in master programs.