Incoming students

All programs at the Institute are open for students from foreign countries. Within the master program “Development Economics and International Studies”, international students make up for the majority in most classes. But a lot of students who did not grow up in Germany are enrolled for the bachelor programs, too. In addition, the Institute welcomes frequently students from Erasmus or other exchange programs.

We all at the Institute try to consider the special needs and problems of incoming students. If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to contact the lecturers!

For your start to the bachelor and teaching degree programs, our institute offers a special tutorial for incoming students linked to the fundamental lectures. There, we have the space to answer to your questions and problems with comprehension.

Additional support is offered by the University’s Department for International Affairs (RIA). Here you may find general information about starting your studies at the FAU acceptance of your secondary education qualification as direct university entrance qualifications etc.). If you have any questions, the staff there is pleased to help you.