Teaching degree in Economics for Realschule

General information

Within the program for a teaching degree in Economics for Realschule students gain fundamental knowledge of Economics, including economic methods. The program prepares students for positions as teacher by conveying qualifications in the subject and in didactics. By combining the main fundamentals of Economics, Business Administration and Law, together with a second subject, students are qualified for teaching at Bavarian Realschulen (the medium type of secondary schools in Germany).

Contents of the program

Combination of subjects

You can combine Economics with all subjects as listed in the examination order for the first state examination for teachers (“LPO I”) if the respective subject is offered at the Friedrich-Alexander-University. In details, those subjects are English, Geography, Informatics, Mathematics, Civics and Physical Education.

For combinations with Mathematics and Informatics, the Institute cannot guarantee that there is no overlapping!

Basic principles examination

To pass the basic principles examination (“Grundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung”), students must complete modules adding up to 15 ECTS credits within the program in Economics.

Modules considered for the basic principles examination must be passed on the first or second attempt of the examination. Modules passed in the third attempt can not be part of the basic principles examination.

Bachelor Degree

You can get a Bachelor Degree (Bachelor of Education) with your Teaching Degree for Gymnasium.

To get a Bachelor Degree you must pass 170 ECTS credits from modules scheduled for the first six semester of the curriculum (including both subjects, pedagogics and didactics). The remaining 10 ECTS credits are obtained for your bachelor thesis. Your thesis for the state examinations might be accepted as bachelor thesis on request. You must request the bachelor degree latest one year after you passed the first state examination.

With your bachelor degree, you may in general apply for master programs. The university does not offer a Master of Education for Realschule.

You may find further information about the Bachelor degree on the Homepage for the teaching degree for Realschule.

akkreditierungssiegelThe bachelor program is accredited within the system accreditation of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. This means that requirements for legal framework and quality control are fulfilled.

Committee for the program “Teaching degree in Economics”

The Committee for the program “Teaching degree in Economics” discusses questions concerning the structure and topics of the program, results of evaluations, feedback from students, and lectures and develops proposals for changes within the program. Its members are:

Feel free to contact the members of the committee if you have any criticism, proposals or hints concerning the program (structure, topics, exams etc.).