Institute participates in cooperation with the Universidad de Guadalajara

The cooperation in teaching and research between the Universidad de Guadalajara and the FAU in “Development Economics and International Economic Relations” is funded in 2016 by the Bavarian Academic Center for Latin America (BAYLAT). An essential part of this cooperation is the subproject “volatility of prices of selected agricultural commodities in international markets” with participation of Prof. Jürgen PhD Kähler and Christoph Weber.

Within this project we investigate causes, effects and ways of transmission of strong price rises and excessive volatility of international agricultural commodity markets to local and regional agricultural markets in Mexico. It analyzes the changes in intraregional trade and its implications for Mexico and its trading partners.

This research project is part of the network “International Relations and Global Development” (“Red de Relaciones Internacionales en Cuerpos Académicos y Desarrollo Global”) organized by the Universidad de Guadalajara. Prof. Kähler and Christoph Weber are affiliated to the research network “International Economic Relations of Mexico (CAC-502)”. The project is in addition funded by the Mexican Ministry of Education.

It is possible to write theses with an focus on agricultural commodity markets. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Weber (