Mohammed Vawda visited the Institute of Economics

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Mohammed Vawda, a Lecturer in the School of Built Environment and Development Studies of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, spent three weeks during the summer term in the Institute of Economics at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, where he taught a course entitled: “Introduction to Population Studies: a Southern African Perspective”. Vawda’s stay was part of an ongoing program set up to allow an exchange experience for staff and students of the two universities.

Speaking about the program, Vawda said: “At a broader level I chose to get involved in this teaching venture because it provides a platform to create a long-lasting collaboration between UKZN and an international academic institution of merit. At an individual level, it provided an opportunity for me to experience teaching in a different context and to adapt those teaching methods to my South African classes.”

The German students took a keen interest in the course being taught by Vawda, with students reacting positively to his engaging teaching style – thus creating a conducive environment for higher levels of discussion and proactive learning. “This experience provided me with valuable insight into teaching methods and promoted interacting with students from different countries and backgrounds. It was interesting developing different teaching techniques to help overcome language and cultural barriers and to create a conducive and engaging teaching environment.”

“I hope what I gained from this experience and opportunity allows me to create a more productive and engaging teaching environment with my South African students.” Vawda believes that exchange programs are insightful and provide feedback in terms of adapting, changing and improving teaching methods in different contexts. “Exchange programs also provide a basis for strengthening research and academic collaboration between local and international academic institutions.”

Mohammed Vawda, Dozent an der School of Built Environment and Development Studies der Universtität KwaZulu-Natal verbrachte drei Wochen während des Sommersemesters am Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaft der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, wo er einen Kurs mit dem Titel „Einführung Zu Bevölkerungsstudien: eine südafrikanische Perspektive“ gab. Der Aufenthalt von Vawda war Teil eines laufenden Austauschprogramms, für Mitarbeiter und Studierende der beiden Universitäten.


This article was published in UKZN SoBEDS newsletter.