Invitation to the “semester opening come together” by the student organization

The Student Organization for Economics warmly invites all students and lecturers to the opening come together. It will take place on October 26, 2016, starting at 20.00 h at Glüxrausch (former Papa Joe’s), Hauptstraße 103, 91054 Erlangen.

The student organization could arrange some special offers:

  • Grünerla & Tucher Crown: 1.90 Euro
  • Zirndorfer & Kloster Scheyern: 2.40 Euro
  • Bierpong-Set: 12 Euro
  • different shots like Pfeffi, Ficken, Dos Mas, Pushkin Hazelnuts/Cream or Wodka Lime: 1.50 Euro

The student organization is looking forward to meeting you at an enjoyable evening!