Practitioner talk: Inclusive Insurance for Economic Development

The Chair of Development Economics (Prof. Dr. Andreas Landmann) invites everyone interested to a practitioner talk on Wednesday, January 20th:


Title: “Inclusive Insurance for Economic Development: Opportunites and Challenges”
Speaker: Dirk Reinhard (Vice Chairman, Munich Re Foundation)
Date/Time: Wednesday, 20.01.2021, 18:30 – 20:00


The talk is an open lecture within the course “Risk and Insurance” held this term. It will be delivered via Zoom and is open to anyone interested: <>
Meeting-ID: 927 5285 4137
Code: 550744


Description: Affordable (micro)insurance solutions play a decisive role in economic development. However, insurance solutions in emerging economies are often either too expensive or not available at all. A combination of a strategic national approach in the insurance industry, cooperation with governments as well as the use of modern technology can help cut costs significantly and develop affordable solutions creating value for customers. The session will discuss challenges and opportunities of inclusive insurance markets for the low-income sector.