The chair is responsible for various courses offered at the Bachelor and Master level at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology. The courses generally take place in Erlangen. At the Bachelor level, we offer courses for students with economics as a second major and ongoing teachers, amongst others. (Students majoring in economics are based at the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law in Nuremberg.)

At the Master’s level, we are involved in both the MA Development Economics and International Studies (MA DEIS) and MA Middle Eastern Studies (MA Nahoststudien). In particular, as part of the MA DEIS, we are currently responsible for the core classes Development Economics I and II (Prof. Christine Binzel) and International Economics I and II (Dr. Kateryna Khorkhordina).


Classes in the summer term 2019:

In the summer term 2019 the chair offers the following courses:

Bachelor/ Lehramt:

  • Social Policy (Lecture) – Prof. Dr. Christine Binzel
  • Tutorial Social Policy – u.a. Andreas Link


  • Development Economics II (Lecture & Tutorial) – Prof. Dr. Christine Binzel
  • International Economics II (Seminar) – Dr. Kateryna Khorkhordina
  • Economic History and Development of Europe and the Middle East (Seminar) – Prof. Dr. Christine Binzel
  • Economics of Transition: Eastern Europe (Dr. Kateryna Khorkhordina)

MA Nahoststudien

If you are a student of the MA Middle Eastern Studies, please visit the German site for more information.