Student Advisory

Student Advisory

Institute of Economics

Room: Room 1.056
Kochstraße 4 (17)
91054 Erlangen

Consultation hour

    • During semester break we are only available by email!


Frequently asked questions

  • Transfer of credits
    Your contact person for the transfer of credits is Dr. Ralf Pohl. You may find the necessary form sheet here (in German).
  • Study abroad
    The curriculum does not explicitly contain one semester abroad, but going abroad is of course possible. Your stay may take place at every semester of your program (mind the “Grundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung”). For the transfer of credit from your stay abroad, please contact Dr. Ralf Pohl. We recommend contacting him in advance. You may find further information on the page for studying abroad.
  • Grundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung
    Latest with the end of your 3rd term, you must have passed 20 ECTS credit points for the program B.A. in Economics and teaching degree “Gymnasium”. For the program teaching degree “Realschule”, you need 15 points. You can choose every course of your curriculum, but you have to pass the examination latest with your second try. If you do not fulfill these requirement, you will be exmatriculated from your program in Economics.
  • Inspection of exams
    Exams may be inspected on special dates fixed by the examinant.
  • Internships
    For the teaching degree “Gymansium” you have to complete an internship of 4 month at an enterprise, for the teaching degree “Realschule” of 3 month. For the bachelor program in Economics, an internship may be accepted as part of the key qualification module. You may find further information on the pages for the respective program.
  • General questions about the state examination
    Please read the examination regulations for the state examination for teachers (in German) or look at the Bavarian ministery for Education (in German).