Guest lecture invitation: Renewable energy policy in Morocco

The Chair for Economy and Society of the Middle East and the Institute of Economics cordially invites you to the guest lecture of Prof. Dr. Driss Zejli (National School of Applied Sciences, Morocco), as part of the course Environmental Economics: Theory and Policy. The title of the lecture is: Renewable energy policy in Morocco:A pivot towards energy autonomy or regional integration?

Date and time: Wednesday, May 3, 12:15pm to 1:45pm

Location: Erlangen, Kochstraße 4, Room 1.055

Prof. Dr. Driss Zejli started his professional activities as researcher in the National Center of Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST-­Morocco) in 1986. He was co-­founder of the Unit of Renewable Energy Economy and Technologies (TEER) at the CNRST in 1995 and he headed this unit from 2005 to 2014.

In September 2014, Prof. Zejli moved to the National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA-K). Since March 2013 he has been Chair of the NGO Moroccan Society of Renewable Energy Development. Prof. Zejli is author and co­author of many papers, conferences and books on both renewable energies and renewable energy powered desalination. His main research interests are in solar energy, wind energy, renewable energy powered desalination, energy-­water nexus and economic aspects of renewable energies.