Registration for master seminars

For several seminars in the master program, you have to register via MeinCampus or Studon. For the seminars “Business & Society in Latin America” and “Political Economy and Development of the Middle East”, registration has started on August 28, and for the seminar “Post-Arab Spring Development Paths in the Middle East” on October 2. For “Academic research and writing”, “Development Finance: A Sub-Saharan Perspective”, “Development Economics and Policy” and “Ecological Economics and Environmental Policy in Mexico”, registration opens on October 16, 8.00pm. All registrations are carried out via MeinCampus. To find the respective class, the easiest way is either to follow the link for registration from UniVis or to type the class’s title in the search form in the tab “Veranstaltungen” of MeinCampus after clicking on “Wintersemester 2017/18”.

For the class “Ecological Economics and Environmental Policy in Mexico” (Dr. Salvadore Peniche Camps), you need in addition to register on Studon to get your topic. Please join the course on StudOn ( and select a topic for the presentation. You can select a topic by joining one of the six groups. There is a maximum of 4 students per topic (total of 24 students). The registration for the topics also starts on October 16 at 8.00pm. You will find the syllabus and the readings of this seminar on StudOn.

In general, please consult the information in Univis. If registration is required, this will be mentioned below “Additional information”.