Sinology (M.A.): Specialization in Economics

Within the master program in Sinology you can choose Economics as specialization. Then, you have to complete 30 ECTS credits from Economics.

For students without previous knowledge in Economics, those are the following modules (if not mentioned otherwise, the classes are taught in German and the linked module description is also in German):

We recommend to attend the modules “Introduction to Economics” and “Business Administration I” in your first semester, the modules “Microeconomics” and “Business Administration” in your second semester, the module “Macroeconomics” in your third semester and the elective module in your third or fourth semester.


Students who already acquired a sound knowledge in Economics (for example if you completed our bachelor program in Economics or attended several courses as a minor subject within a bachelor program) may choose from the following classes:

On agreement with the respective lecturer and the examination officer for the master program in Sinology, you may also attend proseminars and advanced seminars (normally taught in German) and all other modules within the Master program in Development Economics and International Studies (taught in English).