Registration for the master seminars Research Methods II

Compulsory registration for the two master seminars Research methods II—“Research Methods II: Qualitative” and “Research Methods II: Quantitative”—will be carried out on MeinCampus from Monday, July 4, 20.00 h until Friday, July 8, 20.00 h. The rule “first come, first served” applies. Please register for only one of the two seminars. If you register for both seminars, your registration will be deleted.

There will also be preliminary meetings for both seminars taking place this semester:

  • “Research Methods II: Qualitative“ (Ms. Auktor): July 11, 2016, 4 p.m., Kochstraße 4, room 05.054 (Module description)
  • “Research Methods II: Quantitative” (Ms. Wölfel): July 13, 2016, 1.30 p.m., Kochstraße 4, room 05.054 (List of topics)

Attendance of these preliminary meetings is mandatory! In the preliminary meeting of the course “Research Methods II: Quantitative”, the topics will already be assigned. For “Research Methods II: Qualitative” (since there was no mandatory “Qualitative research methods I” course taught last year), no seminar papers are required at the start of the semester, and thus no topics are distributed in the preliminary meeting. This seminar will be a mix of lectures taught by Prof. Auktor and student assignments to engage with the method throughout the semester.