Key qualifications

If Economics is your major subject, you need 30 ECTS credits from key qualifications to complete your Bachelor program. If Economics is your minor subject, the necessary number of ECTS credits depends on your major subject; it will be between 10 and 30 credits.

For students who want to go for a master program in Economics or Business administration, we recommend to take additional courses in Economics or Business Administration, respectively. Due to the design of our bachelor program as two-subject program, you often do not acquire the amount of ECTS credits in Economics resp. Business Administration which are necessary for the admission to the respective Master programs. For Economics, this concerns particularly mathematical methods of Economics. You may use classes that are offered as “Elective Modules” within the bachelor program in Economics as key qualification (of course, it is not possible to use the same course for both requirements).

Besides this, key qualifications might be language classes (normally from classes offered by the University’s language center) and all classes that are open as key qualification course from other subjects of the School of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology. Seen from Economics, we recommend particularly classes from Sociology and Political Science.

You may get up to 10 credits from internships if the following requirements are met:

  • Your internship must be conducted in an enterprise which is eligible for an apprenticeship in Businesses or Administration as defined by the German law for professional training. Your activities there must be related to Economics or Business Administration. As one example, vacation jobs are not eligible as internship within the key qualification.
  • You need a report portfolio, in which your activities must be noted at least on weekly basis. For the acceptance as key qualification, the report portfolio, signed by yourself and with a confirmation from the corporation must be handed in together with a written certificate about the internship from the respective corporation.
  • Internships abroad might be accepted if they fulfill the mentioned requirements.
  • The same holds for internships absolved before the start of your studies.
  • Upon application, a professional training might be accepted as internship.
  • A full-time internship is calculated with a workload of 40 hours/week.
  • For 30 hours, you get 1 credit point.

If classes are not credited automatically in MeinCampus, the examination officer of your first subject decides if a class is eligible as key qualification for your program. If Economics is your first subject, the responsible officer is Dr. Ralf Pohl.