Practical experiences

Practical experiences within the teaching degree for Realschule

According to the regulation in LPO I, §§ 34 and 84, students need to absolve the following practical experiences:

  • An internship for orientation of 3 or 4 weeks, which must be completed before the start of the pedagogical-didactical practice (according to § 34, para. 1, clause 1, No 2).
  • A pedagogical-didactical practice at a school: Ca. 150 to 160 hours at school in two subsequent school semesters  (according to § 34, para. 1, clause 1, No 3).
  • A didactical practice: One time a week (at least 4 hours) for one semester (according to § 34, para. 1, clause 1, No 4).
  • A commercial internship of 3 month (according to § 34, para. 1, clause 1, No 1 and § 84, para. 1, No 2)

Please mind the registration deadlines set by the Office for Practical Experiences for:

  • pedagogical-didactical practices
  • didactical practices with accompanying seminar

Commercial internship

The commercial internship must last 3 month. For your commercial internship, the following rules apply:

  • The internship can be split to a stage of two month and a second stage of one month, with four weeks regarded as one month. You can choose two different organizations for your internship.
  • Your internship must be conducted in an enterprise which is eligible for an apprenticeship in Businesses or Administration as defined by the German law for professional training.
  • You need a report portfolio, in which your activities must be noted at least on weekly basis. For your registration for the first state examination, the report portfolio, signed by yourself and with a confirmation from the corporation must be handed in together with a written certificate about the internship from the respective corporation.
  • By request, professional occupations at organizations meeting the specifications above may be accepted as replacement for the commercial internship (for a part or full)
  • By request in advanced at the Bavarian Ministry for Education, Culture, Research and Arts, internships abroad up to three month can be part of the commercial internship. For this, the respective organization must be able to give insights to different aspects of the economic and juridical praxis of the respective country. Normally this is true for organizations which are part of the AIESEC program.