We edited the following remarks carefully. Nevertheless, they are not legally binding. The binding regulations may be found in the examination order for the first state examination for teachers at public schools (LPO I), the complementary study and examination order for module’s examination within programs for teaching degrees (LAPO) and the subject-specific study and examination order for Economics. Please note in addition the information and form sheets on the Webpage of the examination office and at the Center for Formation of Teachers (

Requirements for the start

Completed fifth semester

Assignment of topics and registration

  • You contact one of the lecturers and agree with him upon a topic for your bachelor thesis (please note the information for final papers in Economics, list of topic, fields of interest and special information of the respective lecturer and in addition the specific information of the section Business Administration including the seminar for final thesis which can be found here.)
  • There is no official registration.

Working period

  • Officially: none
  • Generally, your thesis should be finished within three month after the assignment of your topic.


Around 40 pages of written text.


  • Marks based on one expertise (if you do not pass, a second expertise will be conducted)
  • Weighted with 10 credit points.
  • Your thesis should be marked latest six weeks after you submitted it.


  • You have to submit your thesis to your supervisor.
  • You must submit two hardcopies and a digital version
  • Your thesis must have the respective label on the front cover. Moreover, you need to hand in the pre-filled form sheet for the expertise (for one expert) and, if necessary, the notice of receipt. You can find all form sheet at the webpage of the examination office


  • Your thesis must contain a statement that you wrote it on your own and did not use any other than the listed sources and resources.
  • Language: In general, the thesis must be in German. If the examination office agrees, you might write it in English.
  • Formatting: 1.5-spacing, font size: Arial 11pt or Times New Roman 12pt, margin: 4cm
  • You can get further information about formalities (references, citations etc.) from the Guidance for Economics (in German) or from the Guidance for Business Administration (in German).
  • You are expected to use the databases available at the library. By doing so, you should be able to find scientific articles, book or reports about your topic.

Acceptance of Bachelor theses and theses for state examination

A bachelor thesis might be accepted as thesis for your state examination, as well as a thesis for state examination as bachelor thesis. You may gather information about this from the homepage of the Center for Formation of Teachers. For an acceptance, your thesis must be marked for a second time, your mark will not be transferred automatically.


If you do not pass your thesis, you can retry it for two times. For doing so, you need a new topic.


  • Your thesis must be submitted when you register for the first state examination. The latest date for submission is for the examination in fall February 1, for the examination in spring August 1.
  • With agreement from your supervisor, the deadline can be extended until April 1 or October 1. You may find the necessary form sheet at the webpage of the examination office. Please mind: There is no right for this extension!